15 thoughts on “Be Led By Your Dreams

  1. To breathe
    Everyday filled with love
    Receiving and of course Giving
    A smile rather than a frown
    and if we do frown, a simple hug will do
    To breathe, peaceful
    I pray you and everyone who reads this
    be filled and live your dreams
    Just Breathe


  2. This is a perfect motivational quote for me right now. I’ve always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest. That opportunity just presented itself. Rather than focusing on all the troublesome details of moving my whole life across the country, I need to focus on a lifelong dream coming true! 🙂

  3. To be purer in heart…to possess the love of the Lord in increasing measure. But never to be “so heavenly minded that I’m no earthly good!”

    The True Light

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