It truly is a beautiful day today!

Do you have a favorite date (actually going out or naming a day on the calender)?

Please share in the comments below!

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A P R I L 25

13 thoughts on “A P R I L 25

  1. First date (August 11) and second (August 13) were dreamy. After that I stopped counting until the day we married (January 5). So we have two anniversaries.

  2. this is one my favorite scenes from this truly classic movie (did not like the second one) and well thanks for this – oh my goshhhhhh!!!

    and let’s see – my favorite date – March 1st….. because the month of March has lots of stuff for our family – like many celebrations, anniversaries, soccer used to start, there is march madness to watch, spring is int he air – and oh, um – the weather is not too hot and not too cold – light jackets are fine! ha!

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