“And the Oscar Goes to . . .”

The Oscars . . .
A night of stars
A night of lights, camera, action!
A night of reviews
A night of laughs and jokes
A night of talent
A night of history
A night of people coming together
A night of fashion

A night of judgment 

The Oscars, and practically any other awards show, always includes judging the dresses of actresses in attendance, such as ET online’s “Hit or Miss: The 2014 Oscars!” (http://www.etonline.com/awards/143937_Hit_or_Miss_2014_Oscars/index.html?page=Mjg=&itmCnt=Mg==).

By going online, you have immediate access to all your hey-day-judgment-glory. All you have to do is simply click X or CHECK for each picture of a dress by using your mouse, and then you immediately see the percentages of other fellow online critics judging fashion-at-its-finest.

And who is going to tell you that isn’t fun?

Or if rating requires too much work, you can simply scroll through best and worst dressed women at the Oscars

Now, there is nothing wrong with commentary and discussion. There is nothing with opinions and perspectives.

 But while scrolling through the online media options, it would be extremely difficult, perhaps nigh impossible, to find one of these games or articles about “The Best and Worst Dressed Men at the Oscars” because men usually wear a tux or suit. End of story.
Sometimes women wear tuxes, too, and sometimes online critics (that means anonymous, online users like you) make a big deal about it.
How could you respond?
If a woman chooses to wear a tux, don’t make a fuss about it. There are bigger issues in the world than fashion. It’s her choice. It’s her decision. Maybe she just feels really super duper confident rocking a three-piece suit. That’s perfectly okay. Don’t criticize. Don’t analyze. Don’t be harsh just because you can be anonymous on the internet. Let her do her thing.

It can be fun for some people to talk about fashion.

But be kind.

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