The Autumn 2017 Bucket List

The Autumn 2017 Bucket List

Autumn! Today is officially the first day of fall. I’ve decided—Autumn is my favorite season. Need some ideas of what to add to your Autumn 2017 bucket list? Look no further. Below I’ve listed 11 possibilities of activities to make it the best fall ever.

1. Carve pumpkins

I can eat humble pie and admit that I’m TERRIBLE at carving pumpkins. But there’s something so satisfying about digging out the pumpkin guts and then creating something pretty or scary—your choice.

autumn 2017 bucket list

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2. Enjoy the outdoors

If you live somewhere with leaves that change colors, go outside and explore. Walk around a scenic park. Drive up a canyon. Stand in awe of wondrous nature. It’s pretty amazing.

3. Go apple picking

During one weekend, enjoy the crisp air by going to pick apples. No local orchards? Try a farmer’s market and buy some organic, local apples. Then you can make sweet apple pie.

Autumn 2017 bucket list

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4. Attend a harvest festival

My husband and I have been re-watching Parks and Recreation, and we just saw the episode about the Harvest Festival. It got me thinking: I have never been to a harvest festival before. My goal this year is to finally attend one.

5. Explore (and escape!) a corn maze

Last year I explored my very first corn maze, and it was sort of unsuccessful. We wandered around for an hour or so before we found the exit, which was actually the original entrance. We had gotten so lost that we thought we had found the end when all we really did was retrace our steps to the start. Oh well. 🙂

Autumn 2017 bucket list

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6. Donate

Autumn—not just Christmas—should be a season of reflecting and giving. Go through your old stuff and donate school supplies or warm clothing to charities in order to help those in need. Here are some ideas of what to donate as the weather changes.

7. Go thrifting

Holiday season is right around the corner, so start saving now by thrifting instead. Find some cute outfits or hats or scarves. If you support your local thrift store, you’ll help out your town’s economy and your wallet from excessive spending.

Autumn 2017 bucket list

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8. Wear cozy socks & drink hot chocolate

Need I say more?

9. Read a new book while accomplishing number 8

While you wear cozy socks and drink hot chocolate, pick up a new book to read. Here are 11 books perfect for reading in the fall.

Autumn Bucket List

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10. Bake pumpkin-flavored foods

Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, a personal favorite, are staple to my fall cooking. I used this recipe recently and really liked how they turned out.

11. Light candles

Anything with cinnamon, vanilla, or apple smells are my favorite kind of candles. There’s something so cozy about lighting candles and enjoying the autumnal fragrances.

autumn 2017 bucket list

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What’s on your Autumn 2017 bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

Autumn 2017 Bucket list

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