How to Beat the Un-Creative Blues

Do you ever feel like you’re not in tune with your creative side? The idea of tuning is an interesting one. Although it is usually discussed with musical instruments, tuning can be applied to creativity, as well. When something is tuned, it is adjusted or adapted. Musical instruments, such as guitars, are tuned or adjusted to match a particular pitch. You, the creative instrument with whom the muses communicate, are tuning creativity to be adapted or adjusted to yourself.

So how exactly can you “tune” your creativity? Creativity is not a one-size-fits-all deal. It changes and fluctuates depending on the person. Essentially, trying new and different things is the best way to find out what sparks that creative note inside of you.

Beat Un- Creative Blues (1)

You can be more creative and beat those un-creative blues with the following tips:

1. Creative Arts

Creativity is vital in many arts: music, théâtre, drawing, sculpture, architecture, photography, writing, dance, and so on. Trying an art form different from your own can help get the creative juices flowing. For example, if you are writer, get your hands dirty by signing up for a painting class. Or if you’re an actor, buy a simple or fancy camera, and snap a couple shots. Experimenting with new things can help boost your creativity in the field that you typically work.

Beat Un- Creative Blues

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2. Foreign Language

Learning a new language can help your creativity in a positive way. Jeremey Ginsburg gives 7 reasons why language learning boosts creativity. Learning a new language:

  1. Gives you a new way of seeing the world
  2. Helps you say the unsayable
  3. Gives you a “sense of humor” transplant
  4. Improves your body language
  5. Makes you better at improv
  6. Improves your memory
  7. Makes you comfortable with failure

English is my native language, and American Sign Language (ASL) is my second language. I know that studying ASL has improved my understanding of English and shaped my creative spirit.

3. Food

Your diet can affect your creativity. The article “The 10 Foods that Unleash Your Brain’s Creative Power” tells about Pablo Picasso, a famous artist, who had his doctor prescribe him a special diet of fish and spinach to increase his abstract thinking capabilities. While your creativity is not only based on your diet, eating healthy will help your brain and its creative functions. If you haven’t given one of the following foods a try, it might help your creativity when you’re feeling stuck:

  • Unprocessed foods
  • Cold water fish
  • Cruciferous greens
  • Whole grains
  • Beans
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Green tea
Beat Un- Creative Blues

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4. Feng Shui

Your environment will impact your creativity. Feng Shui can enhance key energy centers in your home. As a result, you can receive chi in that area of your life, which can boost creativity and spontaneity. Feng Shui is nuanced, but you can learn more about encouraging chi in your creative space here. You might like what you try.

5. Exercise

Get moving your body to beat the blues and un-creative energy. Keith Sawyer, PhD, has done extensive research on creativity.  According to him, “[p]hysical activity gets your mind into the bodily experience, so that the subconscious connections can pop up.” Exercise literally changes your brain. Pierce J. Howard, PhD, explains that when you work out, your body flushes out cortisol, enabling your brain to function more creatively. Try taking an exercise class or hiking somewhere new. Trying a new fitness routine doesn’t have to be strenuous to increase your creativity, but it will do wonders for you.

Beat Un- Creative Blues

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Final Thoughts

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