Being Beautiful

Sometimes this world doesn’t seem so beautiful.

There’s war. There’s crime. There’s hate.

But all of that is part of life… Well, human life. Humans fight with one another. Humans commit crimes against one another. Humans hate one another.

Despite all of what is going on around us, we can choose how we react. We can choose to be kind. We can choose to be influential. We can choose to love. We can even choose to be happy.

News flash: this isn’t easy.

Our influences, our choices are powerful because when we show the world who we choose to be, then we are becoming beautiful.

We live in a beautiful world.

We are the ones who can choose to be beautiful.


Being Beautiful

44 thoughts on “Being Beautiful

  1. Hi B4–thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. Yours has a fantastic perspective on life and we look forward to exploring it further. If you’re on facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page to see what we have in common. See you there!

  2. You are right about our choices, and their consequences. Thank you for following my blog, Humorous Interludes. I am humbled and delighted.

  3. What a wonderful message, and so true! “We can choose to love. We can even choose to be happy.” ~ These were my favorite two lines! And thank you for choosing to follow my blog!

  4. Love it! Just what I was posting about after reading the last book in The Celestine Prophecies =D. We have the ability to influence positive change or push others back into the old ways of fear.

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  6. Thank you for following my blog. I could not agree with you more. Happiness, beauty, joy are choices. It is not the circumstances people find themselves in, but how they deal with those circumstances that determine their lives.

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