Why You Need a Business Twitter Account in 2017

Twitter is a great way to help your business grow. One source states, “As of the third quarter of 2017, the microblogging service averaged at 330 million monthly active users.” And there’s 67 million users in the US alone as of October 2016. There are many users to whom you could potentially market. Here are 8 reasons why you need a Twitter account for your business in 2017:


1. Advertise Directly on Twitter

It’s easy to advertise on Twitter. You can customize your target audience to people who will be the most interested in  your product or service. By reaching the right audience, Twitter will consider interests, geography, gender, device, or similar followers to yours. Because you can set your own budget and there’s no minimum to spend to advertise on Twitter, you can start or stop whenever.

2. Find New Customers

Use Twitter to find new customers. When someone follows you on Twitter, not only are they becoming followers, but they also likely to become customers and advocates of your brand. According to one source, 75% of Twitter users feel better about small- and medium-sized business after follow and reading its Tweets.

3. Increase Web Traffic

Having a Twitter account can help increase traffic to your website. If you write the URL in the middle instead of the end of the tweet, users are 26% more likely to re-tweet your original tweet. Additionally, you can use a Website Card to allow users to preview an image or content, which can help your site grow traffic and increase online purchases.


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4. Use Free Marketing Opportunities

You can use free marketing opportunities on Twitter. For example, the ideal length for a Tweet, including an image, is only 20 to 40 characters long. So you don’t have to write lengthy copy to create an amazing tweet. Additionally, over 67% of users are more likely to purchase from a brand they already follow. More Twitter followers equals more potential sales.

5. Protect Your Brand

It’s good to create a Twitter account even if it’s only to protect your brand. Michael Gray explains, “[E]ven if you don’t plan on using Twitter for your business you should at least secure your company/product name.” Selecting a Twitter handle with your company’s name will limit anyone else from abusing your brand name.

6. Connect with Customers Directly

Twitter allows you to connect with customers directly through direct messaging. Shannon Gausepohl explains, “Direct messages (DM) allow you to privately chat with someone one on one. If a customer has a question, they can ask via a DM. There is no character limit on DMs, which gives you the freedom to explain and help in as many characters as you need.” Previously, only followers could send you DMs. However, now you can receive messages from anyone by going to Privacy Settings and selecting “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone.”

7. Connect with a Younger Age Demographic

Twitter can help you connect with a younger age demographic. Melissa Thompson says, “With people over the age of 25, Facebook is becoming more popular. But what about the younger group? Older teens are actually too cool to be on Facebook because they’re afraid that their parents can follow their every move.” So if you want to reach those under 25, you’ll need Twitter.


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8. Make More $ales

You can potentially make more sales with your business Twitter account. One stat suggests that 69% of Twitter users have purchased something at least once from a small- or medium-sized business because of their Twitter account.

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