It’s looking at your past. It’s trying to be a different person for the better and for the best. It’s dedicating yourself to something greater.


It’s part of conversion. It’s a change of heart or desires. It’s scary. It’s taking one step at a time.

Change takes a lot of time.

Of course, there are quick changes, such as “Oh, I don’t want to eat coriander and chicken – now I want a honey & peanut butter sandwich” so you cook a different meal or “Oh, I want to wear Hunters instead of my sweet sandals because it’s raining now” so you switch your shoes and socks.

But then there are other changes that take a lot of time. Changes in character, in habit, in the person.


We all do it. We fall down. We mess up. We hurt ourselves. We hurt others.

Even the world goes through the process of change. It’s called seasons. Leaves change from greens to golds, from golds to oranges, from oranges to maroons, from maroons to browns. Each is beautiful, isn’t it?

That’s why, I think, fall is my favorite season.

Look at each leaf. Each leaf in and of itself is pretty miraculous and stunning.

Look at all the leaves. The whole process of changing can be a beautiful transition.

Yet the leaves change because the seasons move on. We too change as life moves on. We can choose if we change for the best.

Photo credit: C. A. H., Oxford, England, 11 November 2013



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