Daily Prompt: Contemplation

Contemplation… it’s such an interesting word, such an interesting idea. Contemplation means “the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time” or “deep reflective thought.”

I guess the fact that I am contemplating the word contemplation is kinda ironic? 🙂

In Holland’s Park, there is a statue of the man named Holland. One day some friends and I were doing a photoshoot, and I saw this statue. A little bird suddenly swooped into the scene, settling on top of the shiny, black head of the statue.

The bird just rested there. Sitting. Thinking. Gazing out at the world. The bird just waited there for ages, it seemed like.

It was like the bird was contemplating the world, and I was contemplating the bird and the little world that it was experiencing.

What is it like to see the world with a bird’s eye view?

Cliche? Maybe. But I wondered what the bird’s perspective was from on top of the bald man’s head in the middle of the park with the golden leaves falling and the water in the pond below reflecting up.

Could the bird be reflecting about the reflection below?

Could the bird be reflecting about where to get lunch?

Could the bird be reflecting about deeper thoughts, ideas I wouldn’t understand?

I guess I’ll never know. Because just as soon as the bird swooped in, it swooped right back up into the heavens from whence it descended.



Daily Prompt: Contemplation

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