Do You Have Panic Attacks? These Websites Can Help!

Panic attacks sometimes happen out of the blue. My friend found this nice list of websites that can sooth your thoughts or help calm your worries. Planting seeds may be more beneficial to distracting you than painting a nebula—but it’s worth a try. They are meant to help the stress to melt away.  <3 Have a beautiful day.


the bbb blogger

Seed Plant Breeder


Fly a Line


Paint a Nebula


The Quiet Place


The Thoughts Room


Paint Like Jackson Pollock


Rainy Mood


Do Nothing for Two Minutes


Stress Analyst


Create Your Own Picasso Face


Weave Silk


7 thoughts on “Do You Have Panic Attacks? These Websites Can Help!

  1. Hey, Thanks for liking my Haiku “A Summer Spring” hope you can stop by some more in the near future 🙂 I actually suffer from mild Depression and Anxiety, so this post is really useful to me right now. I’m glad you found my poem, otherwise I would not have found this post.
    Many thanks 🙂

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