Question: What is a personal/favorite memory you have from your mission? What did you learn from this experience?

“I would say one of the more memorable experiences I had as a missionary was the opportunity I had to work with a part member family. The whole family were members except for the mom and she’d been consistently coming to church for years. Missionaries had tried to teach her many times before but for some reason or another the timing wasn’t right. I had been in the area for several months and had just gotten a new companion, and I still hadn’t approached her about coming to visit. One day after sacrament meeting, our bishop pulled us aside into his office and told us he’d had a very strong impression that we were supposed to be the elders to teach and baptize this woman. We were shocked! But we all decided to follow the prompting and approach her the next Sunday. After sweating bullets for an hour during the following week’s sacrament meeting we finally gathered the courage to talk to her and her husband, still not sure what to say. Long story short, we went to their home that week to teach her and she was baptized six weeks later. She already knew the gospel was true, but for some reason hadn’t made the next step of baptism. Looking back I still don’t fully understand what was holding her back or why we were supposed to teach her, but I’m forever thankful for the prompting of a bishop and the faith to follow it.”

Question: What is it like to be a missionary for a day?

“A day in the life of a missionary can be full of all sorts of emotions and challenges. You wake up early, study the scriptures, and leave your apartment with a certain excitement about the possibilities the Lord has in store. Your day is planned out with a variety of things from service, to lessons with people, to walking down streets knocking doors… and of course a good meal with the members, depending on if the members feed you where you’re at. You are lifted up with the Spirit all the time, and have a desire to share it with every person you see. However, a day as a missionary can be very hard at the same time. Doors are slammed and people don’t always treat you kindly. You see people you’ve been working with for weeks all of the sudden not want to visit anymore, and do your best to trust in the Lord’s timing. And at the end of the day you are simply exhausted. That being said, you feel a deep sense of gratitude and peace in knowing you’ve helped invite others to come unto Christ and would do anything to relive a day as a missionary after going home.”

Question: What advice would you give future missionaries?

“The advice I’d give to future missionaries is to most importantly seek out a testimony of the restored gospel and apply the Atonement of Christ to your life. On the mission you’ll be trying your hardest to be like Christ and it would’ve helped me if I’d started focusing on one or two things a day I could improve on. I’d also say to get in the habit of studying the scriptures everyday, especially reading the Book of Mormon all the way through if you haven’t. The scriptures become so meaningful during your time as a missionary, but we should learn to treasure them regardless of where we’re at in life.”

-What are some reasons that people should go on missions?

“There are a million reasons to go serve a mission. I can witness that there’s never been a time in my life that I felt so satisfied, excited, and happy. Memories are made that will last a lifetime, and those experiences help shape you into the kind of person the Lord sees you can be. I was very shy prior to serving a mission, often afraid to approach people and voice my opinion. After being placed in so many different situations I was able to break out of that shell with the Lord’s help and gain that confidence I wanted so badly. It was probably the hardest time of my life, but when you know the Lord is on your side and you’re not out there for yourself, miracles can happen. You grow close to the people you serve and there’s nothing that can compare to the joy of seeing people change their lives and come to understand true happiness through the feelings of the Spirit. In the moment you know a person you’re teaching is feeling the Spirit as you testify of truth, you come closer to the Savior in a way you’ll never forget. Those times far outweigh the challenges that are part of being a missionary and make it all worth it.”

Question: Why should everyone be a missionary?

“If you’re not a missionary now or are not able to serve a mission, you can still be a part of this amazing work. Everyone should be a missionary no matter where they’re at in life. There’s always someone that needs to be uplifted, someone you can influence for the better. If the gospel is true, and it is, there’s no better time to share it’s light with other’s than now in a world that needs truth more than ever before.”


“Forever Thankful” ~ David Cunningham

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