How to Write a Professional Bio

A professional bio enables you to endorse yourself as a professional. Your stellar professional bio will make you respectable in your area of expertise and visible to potential clients. This bio should be interesting, up to date, and effective, and it will assist you in building your brand.

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Your bio should be written in third person and be clear and concise. According to, the ingredients for an excellent professional bio include the following:

  • Job profile and responsibilities
  • Prior Experience
  • Industry Awards
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Contact information
  • Photo

Each of these elements will be discussed below:

Job profile and responsibilities

A job profile can mean different things. For managers and HR specialists, job profiles include detailed information about the job title and compensation. But for you, when writing your professional bio, your job profile will show why you are qualified and interested in a position or job so clients will immediately understand what your responsibilities will be if they choose to work with you.

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Prior Experience

Include a section that describes your previous experience. According to, you need to include the following when listing prior work experience:

  • Names of organizations where you were employed.
  • City and state of each organization.
  • Positions and/or titles you held. (In case of promotion, list only the last position held.)
  • Employment periods for each job, written as Month/Date – Month/Date.
  • Brief description and/or bullet list of responsibilities.

The article mentioned above is referring specifically to résumés. But including this information for a professional bio can be important for landing that next job with a client.

Industry Awards

If you include awards in your professional bio, they need to be relevant and appropriate. The potential client shouldn’t have to wonder why the awards are included in your bio. Some examples of excellent awards to include could be employee of the month, best performer awards, person of the year, etc.


Where did you go to college? What’s your degree: associates, undergraduate, masters, or PhD?  Did you graduate cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude? You’re going to want to include your educational background in your professional bio. Lindsay Kolowich says that the education information can be left at the end of your professional bio “after the reader has been hooked.” So hook your potential client and then add that education section.

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Include that which will be most impressive to your target audience. Loolwa Khazzoom argues, “Perhaps you have been featured in two national magazines with name recognition, as well as 10 local cable and Blog Talk shows that nobody ever heard of. Include the two national magazines in your bio, and leave out the rest. It will look far more impressive.” Basically, don’t include a laundry list. Highlight whatever is most impressive!

Contact information

While you are writing your professional bio, decide how you want people to contact you. Cell phone? Email? Social media? Make it clear to your target audience how you want to be contacted.


Typically, résumés do not include photos; however, professional bios should! Marcie Hill explains, “While your introduction connects you to your reader, photos make your bio even more personal by pairing a face with your credentials.” Choosing a photo for your professional bio is important for an online profile, blog, or website because it will make you seem like a “real” person rather than an enigma.

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