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I’ve worked with Katie in a variety of settings and as a consultant she truly excels. She constructed a resume template and brand logo for all of my personal documents and she perfectly captured what I was looking for. I’m not the most creative and I didn’t know what I wanted at first but Katie listened to my ideas and helped me construct something that both of us were very excited about. On top of that, she did it all with the finesse of a seasoned professional. I have never felt more confident handing my resume to a recruiter and I would highly recommend seeing Katie if you want a fresh take on your design . She listens and she delivers. You will not be disappointed.


Katie was very professional and fun to work with. She was very reliable when it came to scheduling time. During my consultation with Katie she helped me build a wonderful resume that has received countless compliments since. She had a very natural eye for what would look best and really helped me fine tune the resume. I will be using Katie again in the future and am very excited to work with her again!


reviews for kate ann de crescenzo

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash