A random act of kindness…

When I was in high school, I was driving out of my garage early one morning. We had a basketball hoop connected to one of those really long poles to make it taller. It was right by our driveway. As I was backing my car out, I looked to the side and noticed out my window a beautiful bouquet of white flowers tied to the pole. There was no card, no note. There was nothing to indicate who had given me the flowers.

But this kind act has stuck with me for years.

So I don’t know to this day who did this. But if you are reading this silly little post, I just want to say THANK YOU! <3

When I was visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, I took this photograph. I love the contrast of the delicate blossom and rough brick behind. But I love how the flower seems to be standing alone and leaning out into the world.

I feel like we can feel that way sometimes.

Like we are all alone.

Like we don’t have anyone to support us.

But we need to keep pushing on. There’s no secret to how to survive. We survive by supporting others and doing acts of service and kindness. Therefore, that makes us better people and makes the world an overall better place to live!

I truly hope that you, whoever you are, will have a beautiful day!




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