Why is it that spring helps me hope?

Why do you love spring weather? Please comment below. 🙂 I’d love to hear your reasons!



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  1. Spring makes me happy because it’s all about hope: The days get progressively warmer, the ice breaks and the snow melts, and the flowers start to come back. I can start my garden seedlings. And there’s a reason the church leaders chose to celebrate Easter in Spring. It’s life after everything (except the evergreens) seems to die. It moves us into a whole different perspective. I no longer have to bundle up to the point where I can’t move freely. We can go fishing again. There are lots of reasons to celebrate Spring.

  2. Well, even though Seattle can be quite grey in spring time…we are actually have nice weather right now! It’s nice to see the sun again. I love seeing the cherry trees in bloom too, so pretty!

  3. My closet opens up! A huge chunk of my closet is skirts, dresses, Converse shoes, and lots of other things that I don’t have a lot of opportunity to wear when it’s cold out. I am so tired of cold weather.

  4. Spring is a new beginning. It’s a rebirth, it’s a new start, it’s a hope of better things ahead. It’s lighter, warmer, brighter … how could I not be happier? 🙂

  5. Spring is a time that things come alive. The time when people can come together and enjoy the weather. Not to mention the warm water from the rain. the sweet smell of the new flowers blooming …its amazing!

  6. Sping builds a bridge between the gray, gloomy, cold days of winter and the bright, sunny, hot days of summer. The lengthening days and chirping birds begin a song for praise. They praise the beautiful sunshine that may be overtaken by a spring storm. They praise the birth of new buds on trees and the birth of new wildlife. These spring days lift up thanks for the new green carpet that pushes through the dry brown remains of last years grass. It gives me a feeling of hope for all things new, hope that all things come to an end and bring new beginnings.

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