sweeten another’s pain

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Helen Keller knew something about life, that’s for sure. This quote is very inspiring. But does it hold true? Do you ever feel like life is vain? How do you sweeten another’s pain? Post in the comments section below.


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7 thoughts on “sweeten another’s pain

  1. Depends on the kind of pain I guess, but my first thought is – by being there for them. If you care about someone – show it. Take the first step, actively reach out, but be prepared to in for the long run. Let’s be kind to people!

  2. I have struggled with this the last few months, a dear friend is in so much pain over the sudden loss of her husband and I have felt so hopeless in that I can’t seem to help her overcome her grief. I guess what I have learnt is that pain is a process that we all go through at various times of our lives, and just being there to support or comfort a friend in need may not sweeten the pain, but it will definitely help.

  3. I think it is true. I try to reach out and encourage others when I can. I know it means so much when I am on the receiving end of encouragement. Sometimes just listening is helpful.

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