Last night when I lay down sickly, Resting my tired head on the table, My ear against that smooth surface, I heard thu-thump, thu-thump, And for a yielding second, I truly believed that I was listening to The wood's heartbeat— Its soul connecting with mine. Of course, it was only my own quick heart, Thumping loudly … Continue reading Heartbeat


Creative Fiction: “Travel Machine”

 Time travel—it is impossible, no? Studying, studying, studying; researching, researching, researching. No use, you would think, after years of, well, working, searching, finding what I could in what was left of the university libraries, in my spare time, of course. No one goes to college anymore. How could this be? How had this happened? The … Continue reading Creative Fiction: “Travel Machine”

The Author

Expressive Theory Expressive theory, which exploded from the 1700s into the 1800s, “stressed the relationship between the work of the art and the artist, particularly the special faculties of mind and soul that the artist brings to the act of creation” (Richter 2). Perhaps social change impacted the shift from rhetorical criticism to expressive criticism. … Continue reading The Author