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Sidewalk art makes me so happy. My friend drew this adorable chalk art! 🙂 Happy Friday, everyone.


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E n g l i s h

When I’m not cooking curry or eating desserts, I’m usually traveling. I’ve been all over the United States, from California Adventures to Disney World, from Pike’s Peak to Times Square. Last Fall semester, I explored France, Italy, Scotland, and England, enjoying art, food, music, and cultures different from my own.

While I love doing yoga in ancient ruins and being enraptured by nature, I’ve learned that reading—as clichĂ© as this is going to seem—is another way to go on adventures by exploring how a writer expresses what it means to be human.


I first decided to be an English major because I had lofty goals: I wanted to be a writer and to change the world and to make people happy. Although these are still my goals, I’ve realized that there are many ways to learn and to feel that I had never before realized were possible.

Learning how to think and learning new perspectives has enabled me to stretch myself—as a scholar, as a citizen, as a friend, as a daughter, as a child of God. Our universal status of all being children of a loving and an all-powerful God does not mean that our existence here on earth is completely and totally universal.


Modernist writers Virginia Woolf and James Joyce show me their world of determining who you are in a broken, changing world.

The experiences of Buchi Emecheta and Ama Ata Aidoo show me their world of being African and the trials they endured.

John D. Fitzgerald, just as much as F. Scott Fitzgerald, shows me a world of what it can mean to be American, of struggling in the American West or with the American dream.

And there’s a beauty in that adventure, that universal search of what it means to be human.

The Forgotten Tulip

The Forgotten Tulip series experiments with various perspectives. My favourite aspect is the intense colours. These photos reveal different tones of a dead flower struggling for its last chance at survival.

There is vibrancy in colour.

There is elegance in simplicity.

There is beauty in suffering.

There is strength in silence.

There is profundity in the forgotten.

Please, do share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Enjoy. . .


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ducklings & Spring

Using photography is a powerful way to tell stories.

One afternoon, my dear friend and I explored a duck pond in our local area. It was a beautiful, warm spring day. To our surprise, we found these adorable ducklings at the end of their nap time! They were too cute for words.

Slowly, they woke from their sweet dreams. They ruffled their fluffy necks and stretched their teeny, tiny wings. Some of these babies went off to explore other parts of the pond, paddling their small webbed feet as fast as they could to keep up with the little guy up at the front.






Under the Magnolia Tree

I experimented by photographing various shots of the same magnolia tree. I hoped to create different moods with different photographs.  Love how the first one turned out!

Photography can capture so many different, complicated emotions. Real life love and relationships are also complicated and various.  How did you feel when you fell love? Is it different now? How has it changed? 😀

Hope you are all having a beautiful spring!   ❀

magnolia tree 1.0


magnolia tree 8.0


magnolia tree 2.0



magnolia tree 3.0


magnolia tree 5.0


magnolia tree 6.0