The Killers

“Just Another Girl”

Dianna Agron

Need I say more?



Tuesday Tunes: The Killers, “Just Another Girl”

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes: The Killers, “Just Another Girl”

  1. Great number though I had not heard this earlier.

    The mental shift needed to move from envisioning ‘killers with a powerful motive’ to a ‘girl who is vulnerable’ is a great stretch, is it not?


  2. As a father of daughters i’m happy to say I have always taught them that they are a strong as smart and have as many rights to everything as anyone. This is not just something I talked them into something I know. I also talk to them the fighting was bad unless it was to protect yourself and if it was how to fight, not like a girl just how to fight. My youngest hundred and 22 pounds remembered what I had talked her on one occasion palm on the sternum and swept the legs out from under the captain of the football team had his hand on her. I guess it works out. In the meantime I actually stopped by to thank you for reading my poetry. I have planted the seed in my mind that perhaps a poem from a fathers view of women’s equality would be worthwhile. I don’t write poems on purpose, I write them when they leap from my heart, but keep your eyes open because once planted seeds tend to grow.

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