Under the Magnolia Tree

I experimented by photographing various shots of the same magnolia tree. I hoped to create different moods with different photographs.  Love how the first one turned out!

Photography can capture so many different, complicated emotions. Real life love and relationships are also complicated and various.  How did you feel when you fell love? Is it different now? How has it changed? 😀

Hope you are all having a beautiful spring!   <3

magnolia tree 1.0


magnolia tree 8.0


magnolia tree 2.0



magnolia tree 3.0


magnolia tree 5.0


magnolia tree 6.0




33 thoughts on “Under the Magnolia Tree

  1. The tree is Magnolia x soulangiana. I made a post about them title Mid-spring bloomers a few days ago.

  2. This was such a great idea to take shots of the same tree from different perspectives. My favorite is the one looking up into the sunlight. I can barely tell that it’s a magnolia because of the shading, but it adds a bit of mystery and “universality” (is that a word?). It could be any tree or every tree. The rays of sunlight also seem to add a feeling of hope for what’s to come. Again, really great post! And thanks for following my RabbitsInMyMind blog!

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