V i c t o r i e s

I feel like this has become my life motto. Or it should be. Or I should be better at making it my life motto.

Plus . . . BALLOONS!

What a sweet, sweet surprise. <3

What small victories are you celebrating today? Please comment below. 😀

Hope you are having a beautiful day.


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16 thoughts on “V i c t o r i e s

  1. definitely- I think if people took the time to pat themself on the back at the littlest achievement- which for some may just be finding the strength to get up in the morning, we would all be a little happier and nicer to other people.

    Lovely post <3

  2. Absolutely! Celebrate all the wonderful, small things in the life that quite often we take for granted. For me this morning I celebrate driving with my sunroof open. It is cooler today, but the sun was out and I really enjoyed the feel of refreshing outside air. Have a great day :).

  3. Thank you for this cute reminder to take things one thing at a time – baby steps. Today, I realized how much I take my eyesight for granted. I am thankful for having my eyesight, glasses and all.

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