Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


News flash: the above comment totally went through my mind.

Leaves are EVERYWHERE.

It’s not that it’s unexpected that leaves cover the ground around this time of year. Yet it still is surprising to me… a person who grew up in a place that did not experience the four seasons. But I found it unexpected that seriously the streets, the roads, the sidewalks – they are all covered with these golden, brown, maroon leaves!

It’s unexpected when after it rains, leaves become plastered to the road! Leaves that aren’t crispy? Apparently that’s a thing.

It’s unexpected when there are monster size leaves. Leaves that are bigger than my shoe and bigger than my face. Apparently, that’s also a thing.

It’s unexpected {to me at least} that there could be so many leaves that I could literally rake them into a humongous pile and jump into a big heap of cozy warmness.

Why hello, Autumn. 😉 You’ve become my new favorite.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

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